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CCSP stands for Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. Becoming certified involves taking over 100 hours in post graduate education related to the diagnosis and treatment of sports related injuries, including the proper rehabilitative protocols for care. The accredited program also includes obtaining the knowledge and skill to properly treat injuries on the side lines of athletic events. After completing the program, the chiropractor then has to pass a board examination and maintain their status by annually completing no fewer than 12 hours in sports or rehabilitative continuing education. This certification has allowed me provide care at many different sporting events such as football games, marathons, gymnastics, and even an USA racquetball competition. I look forward to also applying to provide care at the World Games and maybe even the Olympics someday.

The true difference in those 4 letters in my credentials is how I approach the care of an athlete. My continuing education since completing this certification in 2015 has given me a continuously expanding and varying knowledge base to help athletes of all different disciplines. My approach is not injury specific, but athlete specific. I LOVE figuring out “the why” of an injury. I LOVE watching athlete’s move and figuring out what has gone wrong in the kinetic chain that led to the tissue damage and pain an athlete presents with. My goal is to figure out where the weaknesses are and why the areas have become weak. Weak areas are due to compensation patterns that occur post injury, often after minor injuries, that then lead to big injuries. I address more than just pain reduction with athletes. My goal for the athletes under my care is that they learn and understand why their injury occurred so that they come away more resilient to damage in the future.

My approach is also different from non-sports specific doctors because I encourage continual motion and activity even when an injury occurs. Yes, there may be some restrictions and modifications, but the athlete WILL continue to be encouraged to move. Athletes under my care also have clear expectations. They are expected to follow all recommendations and exercise protocols. They are expected to communicate any questions and concerns as they arise, and they are encouraged to constantly improve and grow stronger, long after the injury site is healed.

If you know an athlete or are an athlete that has had a lingering injury or an injury that no one seems to be able to guide you through, please give us a call. You will not regret it!

I look forward to helping you navigate your healing process. Have a great week everyone!

Cynthia VanSickler, DC, CCSP, Cert. MDT

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