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The Difference is in Our Approach

Whatever your prior experience with chiropractic care has been, I assure you Function First Spine and Sport will provide a different one. It is in the difference that your diagnosis is made, which sets the path for your proper treatment. Too often when individuals seek chiropractic care, they are met with vague statements about bones being "out of place” instead of a true and complete diagnosis.

At Function First Spine and Sport, you will not only get a thorough neuromuscular and orthopedic examination, but you will also be assessed based on the McKenzie Method. This is a biomechanical assessment that helps pinpoint what tissues are involved with your condition and what direction to have the patient move to help improve both range of motion findings and pathological findings, such as pain. This assessment is conducted with the goal of improving baseline findings within the exam visit. This improvement in baselines is what helps establish the frequency and duration of treatment in the office and as well as frequency of home care exercises. In addition, if improvement is not met or the condition worsens, within the visit, the next step would be referral for imaging or to another provider.

Having now been open for a little over a year in a half, I was reflecting on some of the comments that our existing patients have left us with in that time and it seems the major one is that “We are different”. I officially consider being “different” to be a compliment. In an era where doctors are taking less and less time with the patient and giving little to no true physiological or anatomical explanation to patients, I think I will stay different. It is in that difference that you will find an approach that maybe you have not encountered in your health care journey. It is in that difference that you may just get the answers you have been searching for.

This specialized and patient specific approach is the difference. Our approach not only provides answers to our health-related concerns, but also allows for a solution, even if the solution is not a conservative one that can be provided in our office. My vow to both current and future patients, is that at Function First Spine and Sport, we will take time to listen to you and that even if the solution is not found within our clinic, we will help you get to your next step in healing.

I cannot wait to see what 2023 will bring!

Dr. Cindy

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