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There is no I in Team...but now there is a Dr. Kaitlyn

This month has been crazy and has totally gotten away from me, so I apologize in advance for the late blog post. I have been thinking on and off all month about what topic I should talk about, and nothing came immediately to mind like it usually does. I now see that it did not come to mind because the topic had been standing right next to me all month. I would like this blog to serve as the first of many endorsements for Dr. Kaitlyn Heyrman.

This was her first full month with us at Function First Spine and Sport and let me tell you, I COULD NOT HAVE ASKED FOR A BETTER FIT. Upon her first week here, staff noticed that Dr. Kaitlyn and I share many qualities. The fact that we share some of the same qualities and personality traits allowed for an immediate boast in comfort level. When you feel comfortable with your professional colleagues, then you do not have to waste time worrying about acting differently to impress the other or to fit their idea of the perfect boss/employee. We can just be ourselves and work towards our goal of helping everyone that walks through the clinic doors.

The following are some observations I have made about Dr. Kaitlyn that will give you a better insight into who she is:

  1. She, like me, is an intensely passionate person, which can at times come off as intimidating. I assure you; she is not (unless you are at the Humboldt REC at 7 am in the mornings…girl has some guns).

  2. She is goofy. Daily, I just pause and stare at her…. often laughing. It is good. Her energy is relieving in a stressful environment and again, balances out my sometimes overly intense personality 😊.

  3. She is beyond helpful. She has stepped up and done anything and everything to help improve patient experience within the office and help with my crazy schedule. She is not above assisting staff and does not just sit around waiting to be told to do something. This is a trait that cannot be taught and shows that a good work ethic was instilled into her.

  4. She is smart and is not afraid to ask if she does not know something. She never assumes she knows the answer before going into a room with a patient. She will listen and take to heart everything you say. She wants to grow and learn and that is best accomplished by giving her a chance to treat you.

  5. Professionally and educationally, she is growing. She has already signed up for continuing education this week. THIS IS AMAZING because she is not required to fulfill any continuing education in the first year of licensure. This shows you how serious she is about continuing to learn and grow as a doctor.

  6. On a consistent basis she still wants to shadow me with patients so that she is exposed to many different patient presentations. She is humble and realizes she has a lot to learn, but that to provide a different patient approach, you must approach learning from many different angles.

I hope this personal endorsement for Dr. Kaitlyn gives all our current and future patients of Function First Spine and Sport more ease and comfort when debating whether she may be a right fit for your chiropractic care. The beauty of our professional relationship (and personal desk location) is that we work side by side and as a team to help get you to your health goals.

As always, do your stretches and have a great week!

Dr. Cindy

P.S. She has no idea I wrote this so we will see how long it takes her to read it!

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